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NEW - Work at Home

Opportunity with Valentus Global

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Valentus is rapidly expanding their presence around the world and this brings a once in a lifetime opportunity and opening up thousands of new work at home opportunities for motivated people interested in working on their smart devices from the comfort of their own homes!

Congratulations on learning the most powerful home based business opportunity in the world! We want you to know that we are 100% committed to providing you the absolute BEST products available anywhere to help YOU LIVE HEALTHY and MAKE MORE MONEY!


If I give you a way to earn $1,000 per day just by following a simple system, would you take it?
Bill & Avril MacMunn - Triple Diamond   Selkirk, MB Canada
Danielle Davies - Double Diamond   Pitt Meadows, BC Canada
Mike King - Triple Diamond
Vegreville, AB Canada

Mark & Peggy DiSalle - Double Diamond   Sammamish, WA USA

Terry Bell - Double Diamond
Selkirk, MB Canada
Ted & Michelle Wilson - Blue Diamond   Kelowna, BC Canada
Mike & Alexis McClenaghan - Blue Diamond   Nanaimo, BC Canada
Donna Farrell - Double Diamond   Surrey, BC Canada
Teresa Findlay - Double Diamond   Fraser Lake, BC Canada
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Valentus Offers The Best Compensation Plan With a Profit Structure Unparalleled By Any Pay Plan In the Industry!

Want to make $1,000
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Valentus will provide10 FREE WEBSITES for you, connected directly to your distributor ID number.  You will choose user name and it will appear at the end of each URL, for example mine is “oleg.”  Take a look at my websites, yours will be exactly the same, but will display your name on the top.

Corporate Website

Product Specific Landing Pages

Opportunity Movie, here you can Join now for free! 

Powerline Movie, here you can Join now for free!

Landing Pages to Preenroll People

Retail Order Pages

Everyone who joins Valentus receives these sites. We use them to share information and sign up members into our marketing teams. Everyone who joins you, as well as your partners will get their own websites and become part of your marketing team. Your Business! Valentus gives same income opportunity to everyone!


Keep in mind that joining Valentus you are getting all possible support and together we will build huge organization under you, using our Amazing Powerline System!

VERY IMPORTANT Please take time to learn more, listen to our Blue Diamond John Haremza explaining hot opportunity of Valentus:

John and I will personally help you to be successful in Valentus!



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How do you get Started?  It is very simple:

If  you are ready to get started visit the Valentus Application Page and fill out the short Application. As soon as you finish you are good to go.

If you already took The Free Tour than you can upgrade directly from your back office clicking on “Join Now” button. 

If you have a question or you need help with application Contact us Here.


“This is a business, a company and products that can change your life. You can be all you want to be. It’s your business.” – Dave Jordan CEO of Valentus