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Oleg Kolesnikov is a Valentus independent representative. Weight-Loss results and health benefits will vary person to person and are not guaranteed. Personal earnings as an independent representative will vary by person and are not guaranteed.© 2023  E-Mail or Call   Here

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Valentus Training Center

All the Support You Need to be Successful 

Congratulations on being a part of the most exciting home based business opportunity available in the WORLD! We want you to know that we at Valentus are 100% committed to helping you get RESULTS both with our awesome product AND with our huge compensation program. You now have FULL ACCESS to all of our powerful tools and resources to ensure you get maximum results and massive success!

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Welcome to Member's Training!

Winning the lottery would be great right? But eventually that money would run out, and consider the odds!  Learning the skills and proven strategies it takes to build a LARGE, motivated organization can provide you with the residual/ongoing income to last a lifetime! And the odds of that happening can be 100%, if you are coachable, and ready to learn...not to mention, with 95% of the system is automated giving you a HUGE advantage right out of the gate!

Four Simple Steps to Success!


1.  Use the Product

The MOST IMPORTANT part of Valentus and the backbone of our entire opportunity is our amazing Prevail Functional Beverages.

For that reason, your first step in building your business is to become a product of the product. That means, use the product so that you can feel confident that it works and be able to honestly tell people that this is for real!


AND when people use the product and see that it works and experience the results, they are never going to quit, which is going to build your residual income each and every month!


2.  Drive Traffic to Your Website

One of the most exciting parts of the Valentus opportunity is the powerline system. This is by far the most powerful internet driven system in the home based business industry and does 95% of the work for you to create a major sense of urgency help you maximize your upgrade ratio and commissions FAST!

Although the system does 95% of the work, that means there is still 5% of the work for YOU to do. That 5% involves driving traffic to your website.

Remember, the more people you have visiting your site, the more preenrollees you will have. The more preenrollees you have, the more member upgrades you will have. And the more members you have, the more duplication you have, the more momentum you have, and the MORE MONEY YOU MAKE!

TIP - Always keep a steady flow of new prospects visiting your website. Don't starve your business, the more people you expose to your opportunity, the quicker your organization, AND CHECK, will grow!

3.  Follow Up

Because the system does 95% of the follow up work for you, following up with your preenrollees is simple!

The best thing to do is give your preenrollees a quick phone call just to let them know that you are there to help them and that they are in a great position in your team.

When you send prospects directly to Your Website, they will receive the emails from the system and you can follow up with them using these great scripts: Follow Up Script

4.  Have Fun and Duplicate

This business is FUN. You get to experience an amazing product and earn money by sharing the great opportunity with others. What could be better!

So be sure to take action and get your new members engaged in these simple steps for success. Remember,the more duplication you have in your business, the more momentum you create. And the more momentum, the bigger your checks get each and every month. So make sure you help your new distributors, guide them through this training so they can get started quickly.


Remember, Massive Action = Massive Results!